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Thramas Crusade

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Thramas Crusade
Night Lords First Captain Sevatar leads an attack against the Dark Angels
Conflict Horus Heresy
Date 007-009.M31
Location Eastern Fringe
Outcome Loyalist victory
Night Lords
White Scars (Initially)
Dark Mechanicum
Dark Angels
White Scars[3]
Imperial Army
Primarch Konrad Curze(MIA)
First Captain Jago Sevatarion(POW)
Captain Shang
Praetor Nakrid Thole (KIA)
Captain Var Jahan(POW)
Captain Alastor Rushal
Captain Malithos Kuln(Purged)
Captain Ithillion (KIA)
Captain Jexad (KIA)
Captain Shoma(KIA)
Captain Cel Herec (Purged)
Captain Kheron Ophion
Captain Naraka
Captain Krukesh
Captain Tovac Tor
Commander Anrek Barbatos (KIA)
Witch of Thramas (KIA)
Zhenjin Khan (Defects)
Primarch Lion El'Jonson
Captain Alajos (KIA)
Paladin Corswain
Eskaton Marduk Sedras
Bujir Khan
Zhenjin Khan (KIA)
Regent Mayvin Khelen
Captain-General Arcturus Morhde
100,000 Night Lords
3,000 White Scars (defects)
Dark Mechanicum Taghmata
Legio Ulricon
Legio Victorum Traitors
Legio Phasma
Lost and the Damned
At least 200 capital ships
Ulan Huda
70,000 Dark Angels
small White Scars contingent[3]
Thramassi Nightwatch
Mechanicum Taghmata
Legio Solaria
Legio Victorum Loyalists
Legio Adamantus
Legio Atrox
Legio Saevus
At least 300 capital ships
Konrad Curze goes missing
First Captain Sevatar captured
1/4th of the Night Lords Legion lost
Legio Ulricon destroyed
Ulan Huda crippled
Moderate to heavy Dark Angels losses
Heavy allied losses
Brotherhood of the Shattered Shield destroyed
billions of civilians massacred
Thramas Crusade area of operations[4]

The Thramas Crusade was a campaign of the Horus Heresy. Waged for 3 years far from Terra in Ultima Segmentum, the Night Lords went on a rampage of terror and mayhem against worlds loyal to the Imperium.

Though often simply referred to as the Thramas Crusade, the war was in fact a campaign for most of the Eastern Fringe and eventually expanded far outside of the Thramas Sector.[4a]


Subduing Triplex

In a bid to distract the Dark Angels from his push on Terra, Warmaster Horus dispatched Konrad Curze and the Night Lords to the Eastern Fringes of the Imperium, where they undertook a campaign of terror and genocide. The loyalist Imperial forces in the region led by the trio of Forge Worlds at Triplex were ill-placed to oppose the Night Lords' rampage.[4] The Night Lords objective was not one of simply slaughter or mere distraction and included a number of immediate concerns such as the capture of the Triplex, which supplied weaponry to Rogal Dorn's forces. They also intended to find a new homeworld on the Eastern Fringe after destroying their former hold of Nostramo. After mustering their fleet at the ruins of Nostramo the Night Lords embarked for Thramas.[4a]

The Night Lords first struck at a region of Thramas known as the Tithe Road, a chain of planets that linked the Nostramo Sector to Thramas. This region had long been known to the Night Lords and their terrors, having had to pay them tribute which included Initiates in exchange for protection for many years. Their first stop was Tsagualsa, where the Night Lords demanded the entire populace was to be recruited as thralls to the Legion. The world refused the outrageous demand, and the Night Lords fell upon the world in an engagement which was little more than slaughter. The surviving populace was herded into flaying pits, with only a few hundred were sent off on a vessel to spread word of what they had witnessed. Afterwards, the Night Lords set about erecting a new citadel for Konrad Curze. The Night Lords soon set out small warbands to neighboring worlds, and herds of refugees in the Thramas Sector and Gulgorahd Protectorate spread tales of terror and bloodshed. Facing little resistance, the Night Lords under brutal commanders such as Nakrid Thole easily became the masters of nearly half of the Thramas Sector.[4a]

As bands of Night Lords slaughtered their way across Thramas, those who still remembered their duty such as Sevatar continued the drive on the Triplex Sector. Emerging over the Triplex System with a flotilla holding four full Chapters, the Night Lords first fell upon the small and already-ruined world of Thule. Many of the Magi of Triplex sided with the Warmaster, leaving only a few maniples of the Legio Victorum and loyalist Taghmata to resist. On the world of Nehren Sevatar and the Atramentar struck, teleporting into the heart of the underground fortress powering the worlds orbital cannons. With the cannons disabled, traitor elements of the Legio Victorum landed and annihilated their vastly outnumbered former brethren. Meanwhile, Sevatar was able to capture the Archmagos of Thule. After the victory the remaining loyalist Magi on Galatia and Phall surrendered and offered their services to the Warmaster. When Konrad Curze later arrived he took the surrendered Archmagos of Thule and tortured him aboard the Nightfall after finding his petty praise and flattery annoying.[4a]

Defiance at Thramas

The Night Lords continued their slaughter on the Eastern Fringe, with discipline breaking down in several places as the Night Haunter secluded himself at Triplex. Most notable was on Sheol III, where two newer Chapters of Night Lords known as the Dark Eyes and Boneless battling one another. Many Night Lords commanders abandoned greater strategic objectives, instead forming warbands and taking to the stars to act independently. Other more veteran commanders such as Nakrid Thole sought to exploit the terror of the Night Lords actions to seize the last keystones of the region: the Forge World of Gulgorahd and the Hive World of Thramas. Thole moved on Thramas with little more than a Chapter and three Cruisers hoping to accept the surrender of the planets. However he instead found a formidable array of orbital defenses, fortified Hive cities defended by the Thramassi Nightwatch Imperial Army, and several smaller Expeditionary Fleets in dry-dock under the command of Regent Mayvin Khelen. Khelen refused surrender when a battered Frigate from Gulgorahd emerged over Thramas and blasted a message refusing to yield to the traitors. The small Forge World had refused the Night Lords call to surrender and was now seeking to inspire its allies.[4b]

The Night Lords under Thole nonetheless landed upon Thramas, expecting to accept its surrender. Instead they found glares of hatred from the planet's Regent and ruling Senate. Most shockingly, the Captain-General of the Nightwatch, Arcturus Morhde, drew his pistol and fired directly into Thole's face. The senate room erupted into combat immediately as across the planet the loyalist Imperial Army rose up in resistance. They were not alone, for mobs of citizens seeking vengeance against the Night Lords also rose up against them. Overwhelmed by sheer numbers, the Night Lords were forced to retreat and a badly wounded Thole returned to orbit. The small Night Lords flotilla was simultaneously under assault from Thramas' orbital defenses and docked warships. However some like the Visigoth Class Battlecruiser Crimson Tyrant instead chose to come to the aid of the traitors. The Night Lords chose to not contest control of orbit, instead launching a salvo of biological weapons onto the surface of Thramas out of spite before departing and abandoning their allies. What followed were a series of uprisings and guerrilla actions by the Nightwatch across the region that pressed the other warbands of Night Lords. Total war gripped the sector as the Night Lords unleashed vicious punitive actions, but their superior combat ability was overwhelmed by the number of foes against them. At Qetesh Prime and Crucible the Night Lords used waves of slave-fodder to try and weaken the Nightwatch defenses, while Thramas itself endured constant raids by the now hideously scarred Thole.[4b]

For a short bittersweet moment, it seemed as if the defenders of Thramas might be able to resist the Night Lords. That all changed with the reappearance of Konrad Curze, who returned from Triplex and immediately organized a vicious counterattack with the full force of his Legion as well as the traitor Titans of the Legio Victorum and Legio Phasma. Sheol III fell within a week, with the defenders' committing planetary suicide via Phosphex charges instead of facing what awaited them at the hands of the Night Lords. On Yaelis the Night Haunter himself descended, overwhelming the urban defenses of its Hives. In some of the largest Titan battles of the entire Crusade the Legio Victorum and Legio Phasma engaged with Gulgorahd's Legio Adamantus, Legio Atrox, and Legio Saevus at Bastions 011 and 009. Hundreds of Titans fought and died in the battles but the traitors emerged victorious despite the suicidal tenacity of the Legio Adamantus.[4b]

Outraged by the defiance against them, the Night Lords cast aside the goal set to them by Horus to leave Thramas intact and instead committed themselves to annihilation and torment of whatever survivors may remain. On Kenrac the local Imperialis Militia chose to slaughter their own populace than let it suffer at the hands of the Night Lords. On Crucible the Nightwatch commander Mordhe found his Solar Auxilia vastly under-strength due to constant Night Lords raids. He instead was forced to conscript and arm every citizen capable of holding a weapon. Surprisingly, Bastion 19 was able to hold out for six months until only a handful of Knights remained to resist the traitors.[4c]

The Lion's Vengeance

By 008.M31, it seemed as if the Thramas Crusade was all but won. The traitors were advancing, resistance was collapsing, and Triplex's vast industrial capacity was now churning out Titans for the Warmaster. At Triplex Galatia however 18 capital ships and 100 Escorts and smaller vessels bearing the icon of a Winged Sword arrived in orbit and reduced the defending fleet to rubble. After sweeping aside the traitor Mechanicum vessels the Dark Angels ships next engaged a squadron of Night Lords Heavy Cruisers and Frigates at extreme range. The Dark Angels used pinpoint accurate lance fire to disable the Night Lords ship Shadow of Justice before boarding it with the Dreadwing and Lion El'Jonson himself. The Lion was able to capture the commanding Night Lord and dragged him to the depths of the Invincible Reason to experience his own tortures. The interrogators of the Firewing were able to extract information from the captive's mind, discovering that the 100 remaining small enemy vessels in orbit did not intend to immediately contest them. This was to be their undoing, for 100 Dark Angels capital ships soon arrived over Triplex and annihilated all in their path.[4c]

As the defending Mechanicum gun-barges died the Night Lords abandoned their allies and instead mounted a concentrated attack on the Dark Angels Battleship Undying Will before disappearing into the Warp. The Magi of Galatia hoped to hold out until reinforcements arrived, but these hopes were dashed when the Deathwing launched a mass assault upon Galatia. The Deathwing was able to hold a beachhead within the Forge Halls of Galatia against the attacking cohorts of Thallax, sacrificing their lives to allow their brethren to land. The Dark Angels' second wave consisted of Dreadwing and the Order of the Shattered Spectre under Eskaton Marduk Sedras. Leading Interemptors and Naufragia Terminators, Sedras drew out the Mechanicum forces and forced them to commit themselves to battle. Against Automata of unknown and corrupted design alongside Harpax artificia, the Dark Angels faced stiff resistance. Lion El'Jonson enacted the Ikaros Contingency, allowing for the ancient Excindio Robots to be unleashed from the Invincible Reason. The 12 immense Excindio that were unleashed swept all opposition aside. In the depths of the Forge-Fanges a massive multi-legged horror of brass and steel confronted the Lion and his Excindio, who bested it in a battle that no mortal could have survived. After the fight 7 Excindio remained. After their victory the Dark Angels used Phosphex to purge the surviving Galatian Magi in hiding. Only the orbiting shipyards were left intact by the loyalists. The Lion next struck at Phall, the largest and most heavily defended of the Triplex worlds. However many of the traitors instead chose to flee, leaving only a small group of renegades and secret loyalists behind. Thus by the time the Dark Angels arrived they found Phall already in civil war. The loyalist Mechanicum elements eventually prevailed and gave the planet over to the Dark Angels.[4c]

Following the fall of Triplex the Lion next moved on Sheol III and Yaelis. The Night Lords and their slave armies were too few to defeat the Dark Angels but also did not flee, instead throwing their fodder at the Lion while the Night Lords themselves conducted harrying and delaying actions. The subjugation of these two worlds thus took two months alone. Nonetheless, hope managed to return to Thramas and loyalist Army regiments in hiding managed to rejoin the Night Lords. At Crucible the Dark Angels relieved the siege to find Captain-General Mordhe and a few battered survivors still holding. However the majority of the Sector still remained in traitor hands, and to counter this The Lion unleashed a second front of reinforcements to move through the Aegis Sector, only to find themselves bogged down by traitors at Memlock and the vast expanse of the Heraclid Nebula. The fighting now spanned across four different Sectors and the battle grinded into stalemate. The Dark Angels were not large enough to force a breakthrough without abandoning the worlds they liberated, while the Night Lords were spread too thin to push back their loyalist brethren. As the Night Haunter fell into mania Sevatar and Anrek Barbatos sought to mitigate his often contradictory orders, holding back the Dark Angels through constant guerrilla and harrying actions. Seeking to turn the tide, Sevatar and Barbatos also enacted secret agreements the Night Haunter had made with debased factions throughout the Eastern Fringe known as the Midnight Treaties. Small scout craft were dispatched, winning new allies such as the debased Warriors of Tohruk, Predator-Forge of Ulan Huda, the traitor White Scars Brotherhood of the Shattered Shield, cannibal legions of Glabro, battle-Psykers of Thex, and dozens more abominations and aberrations.[4c]

Lion El'Jonson and the Dark Angels during the Thramas Crusade[4h]

Traitor Counterattack

Faced with these reinforcements, the Night Lords struck at Crucible and several other worlds with wanton cruelty. With enemy ships observing in orbit the Dark Angels threw their lesser allies against the foe to disguise their true strength and drain the supplies of their foes. At Yrrdek the Night Lords cleared Dark Angels minefields with their conscript militias. On Chenro IX the Night Lords overseers wagered on how long it would take the Dark Angels to slaughter the crude conscript armor sent against them while they countered enemy gun emplacements. However on Sedrrice the White Scars Brotherhood of the Shattered Shield acted chivalrously, allowing the decimated loyalists to retreat with their wounded. With the preparations complete the Night Haunter himself once again appeared, summoning all the disparate elements of the Night Lords to his side and mustering some 100,000 Legionaries. The only Night Lords commander to not answer the muster was Nakrid Thole, his hatred fixed upon Thramas alone. Thole was finally able to break Thramas with the arrival of the predator-world of Ulan Huda.[4d]

In the final days of 008.M31 Curze launched his attack across half a dozen worlds. These were no raids but full-scale assaults of the Legiones Astartes. Three Night Lords chapters landed on Chenro, using data from previous attacks to precisely target Dark Angels defenses. The single defending Dark Angels Chapter was overwhelmed and forced to call orbital strikes on their own position to keep the traitors at bay. At Sedrrice, the Night Lords Battleship Tenebrous Will and its escorts drove off the Dark Angels fleet in orbit and enacted sustained bombardment, flattening all identified defenses. The Night Lords landed in the aftermath, viciously treating the survivors in a manner that disturbed their White Scars allies. After the badly wounded surviving Dark Angels commander was slain in single combat by a Night Lords Praetor only the intervention of the White Scars saved the loyalists from the skinning bits. The Night Lords quickly claimed 4 worlds, moving on to new targets without consolidating their holdings. The Night Lords second wave targeted Crucible with six Chapters, a sub-Legio of the Legio Victorum, and 50,000 conscripts. Defending was a Dark Angels armada including two Gloriana Class Battleships.[4d]

As the fleets battled in orbit the Night Lords began a combat drop on Crucible itself. The traitors threw their allied militia against the heavy and well-constructed Dark Angels defensive line while the Night Lords and allied Titans landed and consolidated their beachhead. However it was at this moment that Konrad Curze broke from the main body, forcing Sevatar and his Atramentar to follow him and foiling the plan to divide the Dark Angels line. Curze caused mass carnage in his rampage but failed to secure a bridgehead as planned. Under the swords of the Deathwing the loyalists were able to make a ordered withdrawal while Ordinatus engines targeted the traitor Titans. Meanwhile Night Lords commanders celebrated their apparent victory and began to bicker with one another over glories and captives. It was at this moment that Lion El'Jonson appeared and unleashed his Excindio once more, this time upon Curze himself. The 7 monstrosities could not defeat Curze, but did hold him at bay and allowing The Lion and Deathwing Companions to fall upon the disorganized Night Lords commanders. The Dark Angels and allied Nightwatch immediately abandoned their defenses and surged forward in attack. For a brief moment the battle hung in the balance, but at this moment the White Scars suddenly turned against their Night Lords allies. Overwhelmed, Curze had to be dragged from the battlefield as he screamed for The Lion to face him in battle.[4d]

The retreat from Crucible cost the Night Lords dearly with the Legions forces there losing 3/4th of their 12,000 Legionaries in a panicked retreats, the vengeful Dark Angels at their heels. The Dark Angels were able to launch a counterattack at Yrrdek, sending three new companies to the surface and forcing the Night Lords to retreat. Loyalist allies from Tigrus opened a new front, attacking the world of Verstun while the main force of Dark Angels attacked deep into the Thramas Sector. The Night Haunter returned to his citadel at Tsagualsa where he once again fell into a morose fugue. Meanwhile the Lion and Corswain gathered 1,000 Deathwing veterans alongside surviving White Scars and struck at Thramas. After a difficult Warp journey in which multiple ships were lost, they arrived over Thramas to find it nearly destroyed by Ulan Huda.[4e]

The Invincible Reason immediately plunged into the fray, ripping open a hole in the traitor lines and charging towards Ulan Huda and launching a boarding assault as the Dark Angels escorts engaged the fleet of Nakrid Thole. Fighting through hideous flesh-drones and lacrymosan thralls, the loyalists fought to the center of the moon and confronted its lord, a Dark Magos known as the "Witch of Thramas". Consisting of organs held in a huge metal shell, she drove her thralls towards the Night Lords before personally leading Errax Automata against The Lion. It was then that Zhenjin Khan discovered a series of generators deep beneath the surface of the moon and sent a message to the Dark Angels to evacuate. As the Dark Angels withdrew the White Scars destroyed the generators, disabling Ulan Huda at the cost of their own lives as payment for their earlier treachery. Amid the destruction The Lion found that not even his Dreadnoughts could bring down the Witch of Thramas. It took The Lion's own sword to finally bring the creature down. The Lion left for his flagship as the grievously wounded moon fled into the Warp.[4e]

Duel at Tsagualsa

Despite their victory at Thramas the Night Lords still controlled wide swathes of the region and the Night Lords were able to retake Yaelis. Both sides were approaching exhaustion and much of the Eastern Fringe was now in ruins. On Tsagualsa Curze summoned his most loyal commanders and issued forth a challenge to The Lion himself to come and face him. The Lion accepted and arrived at the world with a squadron of swift ships, unmolested by Night Lords forces they met along the way.[4e] Bringing their Honour Guards (Corswain and Alajos of the Dark Angels and Sevatar and Sheng of the Night Lords) to the planet, the meeting between the two primarchs was very conversational, with Curze hinting that he had foreseen the Destruction of Caliban and the Fallen. The situation was peaceful until Curze slandered Lion El'Jonson and in return he struck Konrad a "dishonourable blow" and it proceeded into an all-out fight. Konrad was strangling Jonson and would have killed him had Corswain not run his sword through Konrad's spine while Alajos called for reinforcements and was then decapitated by Sevatar. Eventually reinforcements arrived for both legions and both Primarchs were dragged away from each other by their men while they were too weak to fight back. Thunderhawks then extracted the Dark Angels and both Primarchs.[2]

In the aftermath of the battle at Tsagualsa the Night Lords scattered as the loyalists ranks swelled from newly raised Nightwatch regiments on Thramas. At Memlock a disciplined force of Night Lords under Anrek Barbatos defended against the Dark Angels and Nightwatch for seven weeks, falling only when The Lion himself arrived with 1,000 elite. It is said that Anrek died bravely, scratching The Lion's armour before falling. However most of the Night Lords instead chose to withdraw and enact scorched earth policies, looting and burning all in their retreat's route. To counter this The Lion enacted a grim policy of his own, sending small squadrons of ships to burn any planet that was in danger of being looted by the retreating Night Lords. However it was this moment that The Lion gathered 30,000 of his warriors and mysteriously retreated, allowing the Night Lords to make limited gains.[4e]

Such was the case at Thramas, where Thole once again launched an attack with 10,000 of his men. While initially capturing most of the world save the Regent's palace, Dark Angels reinforcements led by Marduk Sedras arrived and unleashed a vicious and indiscriminate orbital Phosphex bombardment. Thole was among the few survivors and died in battle against Sedras and his Dreadwing. Shortly after The Lion returned to Thramas, having just come from Perditus.[4e]

The Decisive Moment

At Perditus The Lion had acquired a ancient artifact that gave him the key to victory. Gathering the might of his Legion about him and leaving the wider war to the Nightwatch, The Lion waited and gathered data for the right moment to strike. The second stage of his plan was to provide the lords of Gulgorahd with the location of the remnants of the traitor Legio Victorium, deliberately provoking them to attack their hated foe. This created a hasty assault by the Magi of Gulgorahd which created a sudden gap in the loyalist lines, something The Lion knew that the Night Lords couldn't resist.[4e]

At Sheol IX, the decisive battle of the war was waged. The Night Lords fleet poured into the gap left by the sudden movement of the Gulgorahd forces, who themselves were to be expended in a foolish and futile assault without Dark Angels support. Meanwhile some 300 Dark Angels capital ships mustered were able to utilize the Tuchulcha to suddenly appear amidst the smaller Night Lords fleet. The 200 Night Lords capital ships and their 600 supporting and smaller vessels were caught completely unprepared and decimated, with many of their ships still in anchor at Sheol IX. In a cold and dispassionate slaughter the Dark Angels used their relic ships to launch pinpoint accurate fire at a long range, wiping out what Night Lords vessels couldn't flee. Those ships that couldn't flee threw themselves at the Dark Angels, dividing themselves into smaller formations to try and avoid their massed fire. The Dark Angels line split but did not break, and of the 100 traitor vessels that made the charge only 50 reached the Dark Angels lines, choosing to instead flee the System rather than try a futile close-range last stand. The Dark Angels did not pursue, instead choosing to close in on the ships that still remained above Sheol IX. Among these was the flagship of the Night Lords fleet, the Nightfall.[4f]

The battle that followed was mostly chaotic and the two fleets began to intermingle. Konrad Curze was revealed to be on the surface of Sheol IX and the Dark Angels launched a landing assault against his fortress there. For two hours the traitors held their ground but at a cost of 25% of their entire Legion.[4f] On Sheol IX Lion El'Jonson was able to meet Curze in combat once more, this time badly wounding the Night Haunter and rendering him into a comatose state.[1] Meanwhile, the Dark Angels Firewing launched a boarding assault upon the Nightfall. However it was then that the Night Lords vessel Feral Heart detonated their own reactors, creating a massive explosion that created a gap in the Dark Angels lines. The Nightfall and a small amount of surviving Night Lords ships were able to escape through this gap and enter the Warp.[4f]

Though the Night Lords managed to escape the attack, their Primarch was rendered comatose from his wounds and it fell to Sevatar to take command of his breaking Legion, organizing their regrouping in the second Kyroptera until Curze's recovery. Debates between Night Lords captains arose over what should be done, which resulted in Sevatar purging several rivals such as Captains Malithos Kuln and Cel Herec.[1] In de facto command of the Legion, Sevatar gathered his remaining forces at the star Qetesh but were once again beset upon by the Dark Angels.[4f] Sevatar led a desperate counterattack that included boarding operations by the Atramentar against Dark Angels fleet. Just as the Night Lords counteroffensive was about to fail, a recovered Curze appeared once more into the fray and met the Lion aboard the Dark Angels ship Invincible Reason. After a brief duel, Curze was able to use the distraction to organize a retreat and fled the battle with his forces. However some of his warriors, Sevatar included, were left behind aboard the Dark Angels ship and captured. Curze himself was also left on the Invincible Reason, though he managed to successfully evade capture on the ship.[1]


Following this clash, the Night Lords legion scattered into various raiding parties. These groups would pillage and terrorize the Imperium for the remainder of the war, though at least some would join up with Horus in his drive on Terra.[1]

The Thramas Sector and its adjoining regions were devastated in the war, leaving The Lion in a melancholic state and considering the campaign neither a victory or defeat. Pledging to save the Imperium, The Lion next made for Ultramar, where there were rumors of World Eaters and Word Bearers besetting the realm of Roboute Guilliman. This eventually led to The Lion's entanglement in Imperium Secundus.[4g]

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