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Thunder from Fenris (Audio Book)

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Thunder from Fenris
Author Nick Kyme
Performer Toby Longworth
Publisher Black Library
Followed by Doomseeker
Released 2009
Collected in Sons of Russ
Length 68
Editions 2010 e-publication
ISBN 9780857871039

Thunder from Fenris is an original audio drama by Nick Kyme. It was released in December 2009 and performed by Toby Longworth. It was re-published in prose format, along with the script for the audio version, in Sons of Russ (Anthology) in 2012.

Cover Description

A zombie plague blights the ice world of Skorbad, a planet that is ravaged by war. A heroic band of Space Wolves are sent in to break the deadlock, but these are not just any sons of Leman Russ — they are thunderwolf riders, an ancient brotherhood, warriors of myth and legends.

During the hunt for the corrupted propagators of the plague, one of the Space Wolves succumbs to the wulfen curse. Suddenly it isn't just zombies that these feral heroes face in the darkness. Amid the ruins of Skorbad, the Space Wolves must save their fallen brother before a much more horrifying truth is revealed.