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Thunderwolf (Strike Cruiser)

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The Thunderwolf was a Space Wolves Strike Cruiser that was commanded by the Grey Hunter Valgard Twice-Slain, while he was conducting a mission for his Chapter[1a]. However, disaster struck when the Thunderwolf emerged from the Warp near Kanak and was suddenly attacked by a Word Bearers Murder Class Cruiser. Caught off guard by the attack, the Strike Cruiser was easily destroyed and its wreckage fell upon Kanak, though Valgard and some members of the strike force he led managed to survive the crash[1b]. What they found when they emerged from the Thunderwolf's wreckage, was an Imperium world that had been successfully invaded by a Word Bearers Warband led by the Dark Apostle Oriax the Persuader; whose forces quickly began hunting the Space Wolves down.[1c]

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