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Thunderwolf Cavalry

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Thunderwolf Cavalry[2]

The Thunderwolf Cavalry are a small elite unit of the Space Wolves, who ride massive Fenrisian Thunderwolves into battle. These warriors do not appear in any official Imperial records, and are seen so rarely in combat as to be considered almost mythical. The Space Wolves continue to officially deny the existence of these cavalry.[1a]


Thunderwolves are truly monstrous animals: they can grow as high as eight feet at the shoulder, their thick fur is as dense as steel wire, and their jaws, filled with enormous and rapidly replaceable teeth, can chew through steel. They are solitary by nature, attacking each other on sight, as if each one is seeking dominance over all other wolves on the planet.[1a]

According to rumour, capturing and "breaking in" a Thunderwolf is an initiation rite among the upper ranks of the Wolf Guard, and some of these warriors have demonstrated enough control over their wolves to tame them as war mounts, which are often augmented with adamantium jaws, hydraulic strength enhancements, and razor-sharp metal claws.[1a]

At least one high-quality vid-steal exists of Thunderwolf Cavalry riding in battle against a mob of heavily-armoured Ork Nobz.[1a]

In 954.M41, Logan Grimnar detailed his elite Thunderwolf riders to hunt down the enormous and terrible Abomination of Cyriax, terrorizing Hive Necros. Though only glimpsed, the legend of giant warriors riding metal-skinned wolf-daemons spread across the entire planet.[1b]


Notable Wolf Riders


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