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Thuriel (Primaris Apothecary)

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Thuriel is a Primaris Initiate Apothecary in the Flesh Tearers Chapter.[1]


He was recruited from Necromunda and though Thuriel no longer remembers much about the Hive World, he still bears a gang-tattoo beneath one of his eyes. Thuriel was also among the Blood Angels decended Primaris that were sent to replenish the ranks of the Flesh Tearers in the aftermath of the Devastation of Baal. Once a member of the Chapter, he served as a Reiver in Sergeant Thanatos's squadron, where Thuriel's medical skills later led him to be chosen to serve as an Initiate Apothecary. He is now an apprentice to the Primaris Apothecary Barach­iel, and assists in his mentor's duties. However until Thuriel becomes an Apothecary himself, he will continue to serve in Thanatos' squadron. A fact that the Sergeant greatly values.[1]

Thurial is also a critic of the Crimson Blades, Flesh Eaters and Mortifactors Chapters. He thinks they lowered themselves to superstition and mysticism and are now savages who do not deserve their status.[1]