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Thuselah Illsandor

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This page contains spoilers for: Assassinorum: Divine Sanction (Short Story)

Thuselah Illsandor was an Imperial Confessor who attempted to sway his world into joining the Tau Empire.[1]

This was after the Tau promised to make him a Sector Governor, with the freedom to preach what he wanted, if Illsandor delivered his world to them. The Confessor readily agreed and together with his sermon-writer Thacceus Velso, they created an interpretation of the Imperial Creed, that deemphasized the worship of the Emperor. Named the New Confession it focused on Imperials giving their lives to the betterment of all Mankind, for the Greater Good of their species. Combined with his powerful oratory skills, the New Confession became embraced by the downtrodden population of Illsandor's world, who lived under the palms of the powerful Industry Lords. The Confessor's popularity and influence soon grew to the point that even some of the Lords themselves became his followers, known as the Confessionists. His sermons were not greeted by all, however, and violence erupted between the Confessionists and those that resisted Illsandor's teachings. For his protection, the Confessor resided with a Tau delegation within a fortress in the city of Viridian, which was protected by his bodyguards, known as the Apostolic Guard. However word of the New Confession reached the wider Imperium and the Callidus Assassin Sycorax was sent to kill the Confessor. After he was dead, she was then ordered to assume Illsandor's identity and stall the Tau Empire's advances. She was also ordered to continue perpetuating the rebellion, as the Inquisition and Officio Assassinorum prepared to strike, in order for the Imperium to get a clear idea of who needed to be purged.[1]

Unaware that he was now being hunted, Illsandor continued preaching, as Sycorax landed upon his world and killed Velso. Using the sermon-writer's identity, the assassin spent the next three months studying Illsandor's mannerisms. When she was satisfied with her impersonation of the Confessor, Sycorax ensured that she was alone with Illsandor in his office. However before Sycorax could kill Illsandor, the Confessor was assassinated by a sniper who had made an impossible long distance shot, through a hidden drilled hole in the room. Only a Vindicare was capable of such skill and Sycorax wondered if they had been sent because she had taken too long to complete her task. She attempted to salvage her mission by assuming Illsandor's shape, but was interrupted when the Apostolic Guard's commander, Captain Mascelle Rask stormed into the room. The Captain had returned after hearing the gunshot that had killed Illsandor and after seeing Sycorax's Tau-like features, she assumed the Xenos had turned on him. She then fired upon Sycorax, while calling for more of the Guard and telling them the Tau had killed Illsandor. The assassin meanwhile tried to buy time, by surrendering and stating she had defended herself, after Illsandor had become xenophobic and attacked her. Upon hearing this, Rask sealed the room's doors just as more of the Apostolic Guard neared it. The Guard's Captain then asked if she could take Illsandor's place in the Xenos' arrangement. Sycorax however revealed who she truly was and killed Rask, before making her escape through the sealed room's air vents. Moments later the Guard broke down the room's doors and found Illsandor and Rask's bodies, which led to the deaths of the Tau delegation at the Guard's hands. After hearing of Illsandor's death, the Industry Lords' forces then began attacking his followers, bring an end to the New Confession.[1]