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This page contains spoilers for: Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Tigraine was a Dark Angels Master who was dispatched by his Chapter with a strike force aboard the Strike Cruiser Fist of Caliban[1a] to stop the Waaagh! of the Warboss Nekkruncha which was soon going to invade the Imperium world Tarnis.[1b]

The Dark Angels knew the world well, as it was home to the Imperial Knights of House Drakkus, who had a pact of alliance with the Chapter. As the Fist of Caliban neared Tarnis, however, Tigraine received a plea for aid from House Drakkus, as the Knights' fortress was under attack from a large Khorne Warband. When they reached Tarnis, Tigraine quickly ordered his forces to aid the Household, but when they arrived at Fort Drakkus, the Khorne Warband had already overwhelmed the Knights; though the Dark Angels were able to push the Warband back, and evacuate a single Knight and a few other survivors to the Fist of Caliban.[1a] Once they were back aboard the Strike Cruiser, Tigraine began his defense of Tarnis against both Warboss Nekkruncha[1b] and the Khorne Warband.[1c] He also designated Sergeant Midael to act as an envoy to House Drakkus' remaining Knight, who vowed to uphold the pact his Household had made with the Dark Angels. Taking the mantle of the Freeblade Vortigan, he soon began aiding Tigraine and the Dark Angels in saving his now beleaguered Home World.[1a]