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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Scythes of the Emperor Space Marine; for the Star Phantoms Space Marine, see Omadon Tiresias.

Sergeant Tiresias was the leader of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter's 21st Salvation Team, shortly after the fall of Sotha. Before this he was a member of Sergeant Angeloi's squad in the Fourth Company.[1][2]

Sothan by birth, he was present when the planet was attacked by Hive Fleet Kraken but was badly wounded and evacuated by Thunderhawk. After the battle at Giant's Coffin he was devastated by the loss of the majority of his Chapter but remained critical of the new Chapter Master Thrasius's decision to assemble Salvation Teams.[2]

His team rescued Commander Cassios who had remained alive in suspended animation for years aboard a Tyranid Hive Ship, before being wiped out in a follow-up mission. Severely wounded, Tiresias used a Reductor to extract both Cassios's and his own gene-seed before losing consciousness.[2]

Tiresias's body was recovered by Sergeant Quintos and the 121st Salvation Team.[2]

He carried a powered falx blade and bolt pistol during his salvation missions, but also had experience with a heavy bolter.[2]