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Titan Child

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The Titan Child is a ship that transported a dying Renegade Chapter lead by the Librarian Astraeos. The Mistress of the ship is a Tech-priest by the name of Carmenta. The ship had a major encounter with a Khorne dedicated Chaos Warband called the Harrowing. They massacred every member of the ship excluding three Space Marines (Astraeos, Kadin and Thidias) and the mistress of the ship; Carmenta. The survivors were then taken as prisoners aboard the ship. The ship was restored into the renegade's possession when Ahriman killed the Harrowing commanders aboard the ship, freed the renegades and killed the rest of the Harrowing on board with the renegade's help. The ship then took on many perils under Ahriman's command. They went through the Eye of Terror and into the Warp. The first major incursion they were faced with is when they were attacked by warp beasts when Ahriman sought answers of whom their attackers were on a moon. The biggest damage the ship took was when they went to a badly damaged and destroyed Astropath station to summon a daemon. The ship took major hull and void shield damage. It also lost it's internal navigation system from the attack. It lead Ahriman and his companions to Amon's fleet where they blended in in order to get close enough to Amon's flagship the Sycorax. However they were betrayed by Carmenta and Amon and his forces came aboard the ship and took Ahriman. The ship was then abandoned when Astraeos took everyone he could to rescue Ahriman and take over the Sycorax. Once Amon was dead and Ahriman was in charge of his army and fleet Ahriman destroyed the Titan Child. [1]

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The ship was 6 kilometers long and was made with granite and steel. Gun batteries nested along the ship's flanks and jutted from her spine. [1a]