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Titan Legions (game)

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Titan Legions
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 1994
Scale 6mm
Players 2+
Preceded by Adeptus Titanicus (game)
Followed by Epic 40,000

Titan Legions was the second boxed set realeased for the second edition of the Epic game system. It was designed to operate either as a stand-alone game, or in conjunction with Space Marine (Second Edition) in a similar style to the earlier Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine (First Edition) games.[1]


Titan Legions was notable for introducing the Imperial Emperor-class Imperator Titan and the Ork Mega-Gargants, all of which were immensely powerful and could constitute small armies in their own right. These 'Mega' class vehicles could only be used in large games and none of the other races had such an equivalent.[1]

They were gradually phased out in later editions, though the current 4th edition has optional rules for them.

Box Contents

Titan Legions (game) box contents


Titan Legions (game) back of the box

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