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Tithe Grade

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2drones.gif This article is about the Imperial term; for the Short Story by Ben Counter, see The Tithe (Short Story).

Tithe Grade, also named the Grand Harvesting or Terra's Due[2], refers to the amount of materials an Imperial world must supply to the Administratum. The size of the tithe depends on the type of world to which it is applied. A tithe can be any form of material: food, weapons, minerals, people, et cetera. Despite the number of agencies tracking tithes, the sheer size of the Imperium and the difficulty of Warp travel makes the time-consuming process of tithe collection excessively confusing and inefficient.[2] One of the most common forms of tithe is by providing one tenth of their PDF troops to serve in the Imperial Guard.[4]

It is the duty of Planetary Governors to ensure the tithe of their world is paid, and any world that fails to pay its tithe meets with vicious reprisal from the Adeptus Terra. At the slightest breach of protocol, Imperial officials will often order the Adeptus Arbites to immediately execute the Governor. However, as long as the planetary ruler dutifully pays his world's tithe, he may rule the planet in almost any way he sees fit.[2]

Space Marine homeworlds do not normally have tithes, and are given the tithe grade Aptus Non while Agri world tithes generally refer to how much of the planet's food production must be supplied.

Known Tithe Grades[1]

  • Aptus Non (also Adeptus Non)
  • Solutio Tertius
  • Solutio Prima
  • Solutio Extremis
  • Decuma Particular
  • Exactis Tertius
  • Exactis Prima
  • Exactis Particular
  • Exactis Extremis
  • Experima[3]