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Titus (Captain)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Ultramarines Captain. For other uses of Titus, see Titus (disambiguation).
Captain Titus

Titus was an Ultramarines captain of the 2nd Company, who took part in the defense of the Forge World Graia following a Graia Invasion.


By the time of that campaign Titus had served for over 150 years. During his youth he struggled with his temper. During one campaign against the forces of Chaos he was badly injured slaying a Chaos Sorcerer who wiped out the rest of his squad. The aftermath of that action led some to question how Titus survived where the rest of his battle brothers had fallen.

Titus's company commander was his mentor and Titus was by his side when he fell in battle. Titus was then promoted to take his place and has felt the weight of command ever since.[1]


Titus lead his company to the forgeworld of Graia, in response to an invasion by Orkz lead by Warboss Grimskull. Aided by his fellow Ultramarines, Leandros and Sidonus, Titus worked to secure the planet's Titan manufactorium: Ajakas. There they also assisted the 203rd Cadian Imperial Guard regiment, lead by 2nd Lt. Mira (the last surviving officer), who had been redirected to Graia to defend it.[3]

His team came across a call for help by Inquisitor Drogan, who was on the planet developing a weapon powered by the Warp. Fighting their way to the Inquisitor and then assisting him in retrieving the weapon's power source, Titus then lead his squad to Drogan's laboratory to unleash the weapon. Unfortunately it was a trap. The "Drogan" they had been helping had actually been a fake, a Warp entity who had possessed Drogan's body. The weapon, called the Psychic Scourge, actually opened a Warp rift upon the planet. A force of Chaos daemons lead by a Chaos Marine called Nemeroth, invaded the planet to take it and the power source.[3]

While fighting his way back to the Manufactorium, Titus came into a direct battle with the Warboss Grimskull, slaying the Ork. Upon reaching the hanger housing the Titan Invictus, he was informed that most of the Titan's command crew were in place, but could not power the Titan's weapons. Titus boarded the exterior of the Titan and used Drogan's power source to fuel the Titan's Volcano Cannon ordering it to fir upon the planet's orbital spire which was fueling the Warp Rift. This managed to contain, but not close the rift.[3]

Titus gave Sidonus the power source for safe keeping while heading off to hunt down Nemeroth. Unfortunately, Sidonus was ambushed on a nearby landing pad and killed by Nemeroth, who then took the power source. Nemeroth intended to use the power source to become a daemon prince, with Graia has his daemon world. Titus tracked Nemeroth down to the top of the orbital spire, intending to attack him while he was transforming, when he would be vulnerable. During the fight, Titus tackled Nemeroth off the side of the spire; sending him, Nemeroth, and the power source falling toward the ground below. During the fall, Titus continued to battle Nemeroth, eventually managing to crush the traitor's head, killing him. Titus then reach the power source and shattered it, causing an immense explosion of Warp energy that finally closed the rift.[3]

After the mission on Graia was finished, Captain Titus was apprehended by the Inquisition, accused by Leandros of heresy, as Titus had show immense resistance to the Warp.[3] His fate following his apprehension is unknown. Sometime later Severus Agemman succeeded him as Captain of the 2nd Company. The Ultramarines erected a statue of Titus in the Hall of Heroes.[2]


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