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Titus Cassar

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Titus Cassar was a Moderati Primus of the Imperator Battle Titan Dies Irae during the Horus Heresy.

Secretly, Cassar was a member of the Lectitio Divinitatus, a cult that worshipped the Emperor of Mankind as a divine being. He was often ridiculed for this belief by his friend and fellow moderati Jonah Aruken, though the two paired up to rescue the remembrancer and "saint", Euphrati Keeler, from the mute assassin Maggard. During the battle for Isstvan III, after the virus strike and firestorm, Princeps Turnet ordered the moderatii to open fire on the Death Guard loyalists, and Cassar confronted Turnet in a brief autopistol duel. However, as Cassar intended to kill Turnet for his betrayal of the God-Emperor, Aruken — determined to gain command of his own Titan one day — killed his friend and ended the duel.