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Tobeld was an Imperial Assassin of the Venenum Clade during the Horus Heresy.[1x]


He is notable for being the last known of solo Assassin to be assigned the task of eliminating the traitor Primarch Horus Lupercal, and for getting the closest to his target before mission failure. As a result of Tobeld's failure, the Assassin Clades gave up on their previous strategy of sending individuals to assassinate Horus and instead created the first known Execution Force.[1x]

Tobeld was reckoned to be the best agent of the Venenum Clade, and as such was assigned the Imperium's highest priority target for assassination; the Warmaster Horus.[1a] He spent a full solar year infiltrating the menial crew of the Vengeful Spirit, carefully removing obstacles in his path with the use of his Clade's trademark poisons. Eventually he was able to arrange assignment to a serf unit tasked with accompanying the Warmaster and his senior retinue when they made planetfall upon the newly conquered world of Gyges Prime. With the full knowledge that the radiation levels on the planet would kill him within a day, Tobeld concocted a powerful poison he believed would be able to slay even a Primarch; an agent that would dissipate all moisture within a biological body, both 'dry-drowning' and dessicating the infected.[1b]

Tobeld attempted to introduce this agent into Horus's refreshments, but was uncovered by Erebus of the Word Bearers, who in turn alerted the senior Sons of Horus Captain Luc Sedirae to the Assassin's presence. Sedirae, Erebus and Sedirae's Sergeant, Devram Korda, intercepted Tobeld scant metres from his target. His claims of innocence disbelieved, Tobeld desperately attempted to slay Korda with his poison, in some attempt to make his passing worthwhile, but the Sons of Horus Sergeant was able to avoid contamination and seize the delivery device. Out of sheer curiosity, he infected Tobeld with his own poison, granting the assassin both an ironic and deeply painful death.[1b]