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Toofjaw was the name given to an Ork Painboy and later powerful Warboss. Originally serving the Warboss Drogbag, over the years Drogbag had failed to notice that every time he woke up from an operation on his Painboyz slab he was a little smaller while the Dok was a little bulkier. By the time a Gretchin revealed that Toofjaw was 'taking a little off the top' each time, it was too late. Painboy Toofjaw literally ripped Drogbag to pieces in a leadership challenge.[1]

Thus began a very unusual Waaagh!. In every clan or tribe that Toofjaw recruited, Painboys became treated like royalty and each Ork was made to undergo a small amount of Cybork modifications, secretly stealing Teef and weapons during the procedures. With a force of Killa Kan enforcers, Toofjaw and his Painboyz were able to control all the wealth in his hordes. Toofjaw used these resources to spread his influence across the stars, eventually converting an asteroid field into a crude fleet. Toofjaw eventually made his way to Arkunasha, beginning the Arkunasha War.[1]

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