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Toofrippa's Krew

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Toofrippa's Krew set[1]

Toofrippa's Krew is a warband of Orks. It is one of the Supplement bands for the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Second Edition (2018). It consists of Kaptin Rezgil Toofrippa and 5-ork set of Flash Gitz.[1]


Even amongst the vainglorious ranks of the Flash Gitz, Kaptin Rezgil Toofrippa is renowned for his arrogant posturing. Yet the Ork's cocksure self-confidence is well earned, because his krew of veteran mercenaries have fought their way across the galaxy, leaving blood and broken bones in their wake.[1]

The sourcebook

Toofrippa's Krew (Sourcebook) cover

The Toofrippa's Krew sourcebook contains detailed background about the team.


  • Introduction
  • Reckless Rampage - a short story about the Kill-Team
  • Toofrippa's Krew - background
  • Tales of the Infamy - history of the numerous victories of the Toofrippa's Krew

Members of the Team