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Toramino is one of the great Warsmiths, commander of a Grand Company of the Iron Warriors, and castellan of an ancient and mighty (but unnamed) fortress on Medrengard.



Prior to the Horus Heresy, Toramino was a Warsmith of the Iron Warriors and master of the Stor-Bezashk. Following the death of Erasmus Golg in the Battle of the Phall System and the disgrace of Harkor in the First Siege of Hydra Cordatus, two of the three positions in the prestigious TriarchPerturabo's inner council - were open. First Captain Forrix nominated Barban Falk and Toramino, but Perturabo chose to elevate Falk and Kroeger, but not Toramino.[3a] Enraged, Toramino attempted to scheme with Harkor to bring down Kroeger. Toramino however was unsuccessful, and he faced a backlash for incidents of friendly fire during the fighting on Iydris.[3b]


During the 13th Black Crusade, Falk (now known simply as "The Warsmith") assaulted the planet of Hydra Cordatus, seeking to attain the Imperial Fist gene-seed that was stored there. Under his command were Captains Forrix, Kroeger, and Honsou. Eventually, the Warsmith succeeded in conquering the planet. Although Imperial defenders tried to destroy the gene-seed before he could reach it, he moved quickly and reached the cryo-chambers before they could finish. Already favored in the eyes of the Gods of Chaos, the Warsmith was promoted to daemonhood for such an accomplishment. Just before his ascension, he named Honsou as his successor Warsmith. The remaining Imperials were subsequently all killed or enslaved by Honsou's forces, who then withdrew back into the Eye of Terror with the intact gene-seed.[2]

Upon learning that Honsou had returned to Medrengard with such a prize, his fellow Warsmiths, Berossus and Toramino confronted him in his mighty citadel of Khalan-Ghol. They demanded that he give them their share of the spoils, as previously promised by the Warsmith under whom Honsou served. When Honsou refused, Toramino threatened him with war, which he dared Toramino to incite. Toramino and Berossus both declared war on Honsou and exited Khalan-Ghol.[1b]

The War

Toramino and Berossus brought their armies to the gates of Khalan-Ghol, where they proceeded to lay siege to the fortress: constructing trenches, fortifying artillery, and the like. Berossus's armies are far more aggresive than Toramino's, who seemed content to sit back and let his ally bear the brunt of the fighting (which he did).[Needs Citation]

Berossus's forces succeeded in breaching the walls of Khalan-Ghol and Berossus himself almost killed Honsou, but Honsou's life-ward, Onyx, broke open Berossus's sarcophagus and Honsou tore out his Mind Impulse Unit and crushed the remains of the Dreadnought's skull. Berossus's retinue defected to Honsou, unnerved by Berossus's defeat, and resentful that their overlord, Toramino, was content to sit back from the front lines and let others do the fighting.[1c]

The siege devolved into a deadlock for some time until Uriel Ventris and Pasanius Lysane, two fugitive Ultramarines, unleashed the Heart of Blood, a Greater Daemon of Khorne imprisoned within Khalan-Ghol. As the daemon broke free, the fortress was destroyed, but the Heart of Blood sensed the hateful presence of sorcerors among Toramino's army, and the daemon resolved to smash the army apart and dismember its lord. Honsou, having lost the siege but won the war, could only laugh.[1d]

During his assault on the Indomitable space fort, Honsou noted that Toramino was dead, likely having been killed by the Heart of Blood.[4]


  • "Lord Toramino wore a suit of exquisitely tooled power armor, handcrafted on Olympia itself and burnished to a mirror sheen. Its trims were edged with arabesques of carven gold and onyx chevrons and its every surface wrought with terrible sigils of ruin. An ochre cloak of woven metallic thread, stronger than adamantium, billowed around his wide frame, partially obscuring the skull-masked symbol of the Iron Warriors on one shoulder guard and his own personal heraldry of a mailed fist above a plan view of a breached redoubt on the other... Long white hair, pulled into a tight scalp-lock, trailed down his back and his stern, patrician features were pinched and angular - speaking of long years of bitter experience. His eyes were opalescent orbs of gold, smouldering with suppressed rage beneath thick brows."[1a]