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Toreus was an Imperial planet cleansed of Daemons by virus bomb exterminatus in 879.M41.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Toreus Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Unknown
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: N/A
Affiliation: N/A
Class: Dead World
Tithe Grade: N/A


In 579.M41 Toreus was cut off by a warp storm. Three hundred years passed until it emerged. In 879.M41 it was utterly changed into a Daemon World of horrors. The warp rift, a tear in reality and the Daemons' gateway to the physical realm, appeared in the skies as a pulsing ring of purple fire, heralded a week beforehand by strange portents and omens such as statues dripping blood, birds flying backwards, even Imperial Commander Ghorstwenckler's daughter trying to bite out his throat, and many other such horrors. Portals opened everywhere across the planet's surface and hosts of Daemons poured forth into reality.[1]

The planet fell. The soldiers of Toreus fought vainly. Ghorstwenckler fell to his knees at the feet of the Tzeentch Daemon Prince K'tzis'trix'a'tzar and begged for his life. The Daemon Prince responded with a spell of change of unprecedented power. Ghorstwenckler's palace was razed by mystical flames and from the ashes rose crystal and jagged mirrors that reflected the realm of chaos. Two twin columns of fire rose into the sky - echoes of the Towers of Helixis that flank the doorway of Tzeentch's Hidden Library. All of Toreus was bent and twisted to the insane whims of its daemonic conquerors. Epidemius rounded up and incarcerated millions of refugees within walls of suppurating flesh and catalogued every disease and mark upun them before feeding them to Beasts of Nurgle.[1]

And then the warp rift began to falter. The Daemons, sensing their time on this world was short, committed ever more heinous acts, eventually slaughtering and burning every creature they could find in immense soul furnaces that swathed the world in pitch blackness. The planet was nothing like it had once been, and in mercy Inquisitor Thrax ordered exterminatus.[1]

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