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Torgox's Buccaneers

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The Brightbone is Kaptin Torgox's symbol [1]

Torgox's Buccaneers is an Ork Freebooter fleet, that is led by the Weirdboy Kaptain Torgox.[1]


They were originally members of rival factions within the Glort empire, that began a civil war within it. However the factions were defeated and afterwards, some of the surviving rebels banded together into a Freebooter fleet, under Torgox's command. Unbeknown to the Glort empire, however, the Imperial investigation team Nexus, had been watching the civil war unfold and reported the end of the civil war and the subsequent formation of Torgox's Buccaneers to the Imperium. The Buccaneers are now active within the Bucholzi Nebula Sector and some Imperials speculate that Torgox's psychic powers has placed his underlings in awe of him and strengthened his position as Kaptin.[1]

Among the attacks they have committed within the Nebula, was the massacre of Imperial settlers on Farout. Once the Imperium learned of this, the Imperial Commanders within the Sector were warned to increase their fleets' sub-stella patrols, in response to the attack.[1]