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Torin, called "The Wayfarer", is a Space Marine from the Space Wolves chapter and belongs to the Wolfblade.[1]


Torin is the only known volunteer Wolfblade. Although he does not talk about his choice, Torin is not like other Space Wolves. He does not sing the traditional songs, he prefers wine to ale, and in combat he is silent and deliberate where most other Wolves charge forward, howling ferociously.[Needs Citation]

Unlike most Wolves, who value honesty and detest subterfuge, Torin is fascinated and enthralled by the tangled intrigues found among the wealthy and powerful of Terra, which he keenly observes, especially between the great Navigator Houses.[Needs Citation]

In his appearance, he aims for a look of foppish elegance after the fashion of Terra's nobility, in contrast to the wilder style of most Wolves: he keeps his hair neat and maintains a carefully sculpted mustache and beard. He is also known to wear perfumes.[Needs Citation]

Despite his finery, he is a deadly fighter in both ranged and close combat, and fiercely loyal to his fellow Wolves. He has a firm friendship with Haegr, while always teasing him about his body and appetite.[Needs Citation]


Torin welcomed Ragnar Blackmane to Terra when Ragnar was first assigned to the Wolfblade. He educated Ragnar on several important aspects of his new position, and fought alongside him on several combat missions, including defending the Celestarch of House Belisarius from an assassination attempt. Torin himself finished off the Assassin Xenothan after Ragnar had subdued him.[1]


Torin, Haegr, and Ragnar were among the Wolfblades who accompanied Lady Gabriella Belisarius to Hyades, on an inspection tour of the promethium mines. With the others, they became caught up in the Thousand Sons plot to provoke war between the Wolves and the Dark Angels Space Marines, and, again, acquitted himself honorably.

When the Wolfblades were recalled to Fenris for debriefing, Ragnar was amused to see Torin letting his hair and beard grow, and eschewing his normal elegance - as if being back among other Wolves had reminded Torin of his true origins.[2]


Torin, Haegr, and Ragnar also accompanied Gabriella on a secret mission to Charys to thwart the Thousand Sons' plan. Torin helped break into the shrine of the Chaos Sorcerer Madox, though he was severely wounded. He survived the battle and returned to Terra with Gabriella, though he was sorely grieved by the death of Haegr.

Decades later, Ragnar, as a Wolf Lord, reflected that he had not seen Torin since their parting after the Charys campaign, and, for all he knew, both he and Gabriella were still on Terra.[3]