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Tormageddon was a daemon that was seen in the company of Horus Lupercal, Primarch of the Sons of Horus Legion, during the Horus Heresy, presumably part of the army of warp creatures summoned in preparation for the Battle of Terra.[1]

Tormageddon was summoned into the Materium by Erebus, First Chaplain of the Word Bearers Legion, during the Battle of Calth. Erebus used a fragment of the remains of Tarik Torgaddon, a loyalist Captain of the Luna Wolves killed on Isstvan III at the start of the Heresy.[2a][2b] A strange by-product of this ritual summoning was that some fragment of Torgaddon's spirit remained sentient and free, and was able to communicate with his old friend Garviel Loken on Luna.[3] According to Tormageddon himself, he was birthed from the betrayal and horror of the Isstvan Atrocity and combined with Tarik's Spirit in the Warp.[5] Tormageddon was again summoned to the Materium before the Battle of Molech by Maloghurst and Serghar Targost, possessing the body of the brain-dead Sons of Horus legionnaire Ger Gerradon.[4]

Later, Tormageddon battled to protect Horus from the Knights-Errant team led by Loken in the aftermath of the Battle of Molech. Tormageddon had his throat ripped out during the battle but later possessed the body of Grael Noctua.[4] Tormageddon, still in Noctua's mutated form, largely sided with Maloghurst in the power struggles that tore apart the Sons of Horus after Horus' fall on Beta-Garmon. He and the Luperci aided Maloghurst as he attempted a ritual to restore the Warmaster, holding off Falkus Kibre and the Justaerin.[5] Later during the Siege of Terra Tormageddon was present at a Mournival conference, still possessing traces of Grael Noctua. He was one of the few in the Vengeful Spirit's bridge to not be affected by the Daemonically corrupted Mortarion's stench.[8]

By the fall of the Lion's Gate Spaceport Tormageddon had grown in power and size, now becoming a creature that was neither Tarik nor Grael Noctua.[9] Shortly after the fall of Lion's Gate he, along with the rest of the Mournival, took part in the subterranean assault under the Saturnine Gate.Unaware that the entire plan had been foreseen by Rogal Dorn, Tormageddon was ambushed by a squad led by Garviel Loken. Loken was barely able to habndle Tormageddon's superhuman strength but eventually was able to kill the creature. This time, the infernal power that powered Tormageddon had either extinguished or fled back to the Warp.[9]

Ten thousand years after the Heresy, a Chaos warship known as the Tormageddon Monstrum Rex was active in the Sabbat Worlds of the Segmentum Pacificus, but the nature of its connection to the daemon, if any, was unknown.[6][7]