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Torture Cruiser

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Torture Cruiser

The Torture Class Cruiser is a Dark Eldar Starship Class.

It has been noted by Imperial statisticians that potentially up to thirty attacks attributed to the Eldar may in fact have been by the Dark Eldar. Experts from the Fleet Insturum of Alien Studies have been studying the many wide variants of the Torture class as well as other Eldar vessels in order to separate and properly classify them all.[1]

Armament of the Torture Class Cruiser consists of a Phantom Lance and prow-mounted Torpedo Tubes. Additional weaponry consists of an Impaler prow-mounted ram and Launch Bays for Attack Craft.[1]

It is known that a force of Torture class vessels captured three hundred technicians from monitoring station Adecca and later dropped them in low orbital runs over the planet Bladen. This attack was seen as an attempt to incite retribution, possibly ending in the Imperium mistakenly attacking Eldar rather than Dark Eldar forces.[1]




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