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Tower of the Lost

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The Tower of the Lost is a campanile in the Blood Angels' fortress-monastery, an impossibly tall spire of rock on their Homeworld of Baal.[1]

It is also known as the Tower of Amareo, after an ancient Master of the Blood Angels. Atop the Tower is a secret chamber where those completely overcome by the Black Rage or the Red Thirst are locked away, while howling cries of bloodlust. It is unknown if the Chaplains of the Blood Angels can help these Marines overcome their afflictions, since Chief Librarian Mephiston is seemingly the only Blood Angel who has[2] . To watch over these prisoners, a group of fifty Blood Angels, Blood Thralls and Battle Servitors known as the Amarean Guard, have been sworn to defend the Tower at all times. A black armoured Champion known as the Custodian of the Damned, also defends the Tower, but has been oath-bound to remain within it until the end of days.[1a]

As for the cursed Blood Angels themselves, they have all been stricken with rampantly malfunctioning Gene-seed, that has caused them to mutate far from their human origins. Their blood red bodies bulge with muscles, that now make them twice the size of mortal men and they bound along on knuckled fists like apes. When Hive Fleet Leviathan invaded Baal, the Tower held three dozen prisoners and such was the Blood Angels' desperation, in the face of the Tyranid onslaught, that Dante ordered the Tower to be emptied. With Baal's defenders safely away from the damned former prisoners, the cursed Blood Angels unleashed their bloodlust on the invading Hive Fleet[1a]. Using their fanged mouths and clawed hands[1a], they tore through many of Leviathan's Tyranids, before finally finding peace in death[1b]. With their oaths now fulfilled, the Amarean Guard and Custodian of the Damned joined the battle as well[1a]; though it is not known if any survived, to see the Hive Fleet defeated.[1c]