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Tower of Hegemon

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The Tower of Hegemon is a location deep within the Imperial Palace on Terra.


It serves as an operational command center for the Adeptus Custodes, coordinating their security. It houses many datafeeds and security systems and oversees nearly all traffic within the continental-sized complex.[1] An annex of the Tower is known as Blackstone, built from the material of the same name mined from Cadia. Due to its anti-psychic properties, it is used as a prison for Psykers.[3]

Most of the tower itself is manned by the Serfs of the Custodes, proud humans who wore the bones of their ancestors. They served for life, and upon death their offspring would wear their remains.[2]


Following the fall of the Bhab Bastion in the Siege of Terra, the Tower of Hegemon briefly became the acting command center for the small numbers of remaining loyalists.[4]