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Traitor's Penance

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The Traitor's Penance are relics of the Imperial Guard's 5th Company of the Cadian 99th Regiment.[1]

On the grave world of Cyrda, the Cadian 99th clashed against the forces of the Severan Dominate only to be ambushed by Dark Eldar. Though the 99th was forced to retreat in the face of grisly losses, a squad from the 5th Company managed to assassinate a Ducal Legate during their exit. Though the members of the squad hotly debated whose shot killed the emissary of Duke Severus, all of their lasguns and pistols were consecrated by the regiment’s Enginseers. Today, several of these rifles are still held by their original wielders, while others have been gifted to regimental heroes, etched with the names of all the past warriors who wielded them.[1]