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Trajann Valoris

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Targetdrone.gif Valoris redirects here. For the Imperial Fists Dreadnought, see Valoris (Imperial Fists).
Captain-General Trajann Valoris

Trajann Valoris is the 17th[4a] and current Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes and a High Lord of Terra.[1b]


An imposing and cold man with a severely scarred face[1c], at the time of the Thirteenth Black Crusade Trajann was considered to be perhaps the deadliest individual warrior in the entire Imperium, with his combat prowess approaching that of the Primarchs of old.[6]

Those who know of Valoris' existence speak of him with reverence and considered the Captain-General to be a representative of the Emperor. Originally an Allarus Custodian, he has run two successful Blood Games, a record that remains unbroken. While serving as an Allarus Custodian Trajann gained famed in the destruction of the Space Hulk Mournful Siren, the defeat of the Genestealer Cult of the Emperor's Writhing Shadow, and spearheading a preemptive strike against Waaagh! Krushfist. After these feats he was accepted into the Companions for 22 years before he was reassigned due to his desire to be more proactive. Thereafter he gained the rank of Shield-Captain and spent several centuries leading sorties throughout the Sol System and beyond. He was elevated to the position of Captain-General following the death of Andros Launceddre during the Years of Madness. His rise has seen the Custodes become the most proactive they have been since the Age of Apostasy.[4b] During his ruling the number of Blood Games greatly increased, long-hidden cults of the polar Terran underhives have been purged, thirty-two separate extrasolar interdiction strikes were launched[4c] and the defences of the stable warp routes into the Sol System have been strengthened. It is said that it is the Moment Shackle — a mysterious artefact of Valoris from the dark history of old Terra — that allowed him to predict Roboute Guilliman's return so that he managed to adapt the Adeptus Custodes to the new Imperium in the ascension of the Primarch.[4a]

Though the Captain-General traditionally only served as one of the High Lords of Terra under the most dire of circumstances, as during the War of the Beast, the fervent persistence of Chancellor Lev Tieron persuaded Valoris to take the seat left open by Lord Brach. Tieron had hoped that Valoris would serve as the High Lords' deciding vote to abolish the Lex Imperialis, which would allow the Custodes to leave Terra and fight against the Despoiler's forces[1a], but the Captain-General disagreed with this. He was about to vote no against the abolition and defeat the measure when pandemonium broke out as word of Cadia's destruction reached the High Lords' chambers.[1b] Later it is revealed that Valoris had been quietly preparing the Custodes for war for some time and had possibly issued a summons for the reformation of the Sisters of Silence years in advance, making it suspect that his objection might have been a ploy to avoid tensions with the High Lords.[1e]

During the subsequent Second Battle of Terra against the forces of Khorne, Valoris was the overall commander of Imperial forces at the Imperial Palace and personally led a charge of 4,000 Custodes from the Lion's Gate. When Roboute Guilliman arrived from Luna Valoris cooperated with the Primarch, much to the disdain of several High Lords like Irthu Haemotalion. Valoris even allowed Guilliman to stand before the Golden Throne itself.[1d]

Valoris took part in the subsequent Indomitus Crusade, leading a combined force of Custodians and Grey Knights in the Battle of Gathalamor.[4b] He subsequently led a Solblade fleet against Hive Fleet Leviathan in the Fourth Tyrannic War from the flagship Manifest Judgement.[5] During the Battle of Bastior, he led reinforcements that saved the world of Sanctum from Grendyllus and personally saved the life of Lord Commander Solar Leontus from a Norn Emissary.[5]


Trajann Valoris wears a special and elaborate powered armour known as the Castellan Plate[4a] and wields the Watcher's Axe. He also carries the Moment Shackle, a relic of the Dark Age of Technology,[3] and a Misericordia.[2]