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Traktor Kannon

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Traktor Kannon is an Ork weapon akin to a massive magnet. When the weapon fires it’s thrumming beam of force high into the air, the crew swing this beam about wildly until they manage to latch the humming column onto an airborne target. Once captured by the beam, their hapless victim is wrenched out of the air and smashed on the ground below. It is most commonly used as a Mek Gun.[2][3]


Previous edition background

The Traktor Kannon is an Ork weapon. A powerful energy-based traktor beam is projected towards any target and the beam pulls it towards the source with large amounts of force. Often the gun is used to scatter formations by dragging large objects through them, or even firing the cannon at troops. This throws them around as if they were in a storm. Vehicles and buildings can be torn apart by the forces applied to them.[1]

Due to power restraints, the beam is fired in bursts, which provides a brief period of time for forces to regroup, rather than in one continuous shot. If something goes wrong, it is common for the polarity of the beam to be reversed, thereby dragging the Kannon towards the enemy target, or even for it to overheat, preventing it from keeping up a high rate of fire.[1]