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Transonic Weapon

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Transonic Weapons are a type of close-combat weapon used by Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii, most infamously Sicarian Ruststalkers. These weapons emit a low insistent buzz that makes stomachs turn. When they strike armour, these weapons will adjust their hostile sonic field to match its own resonant frequency, quickly slicing through it.[1]


  • Chordclaw — Battle claw that can turn muscle into bone and fat to jelly.[1] Typically paired with a Transonic Razor, although a wielder with at least 3 arms might pair one with a pair of Transonic Blades. Chordclaws are fundamentally designed differently from transonic "cutting" weapons (blades and razors) and so also behave differently on the battlefield.
  • Transonic Cannon - A short-range "sound gun" that blasts transonic frequencies in a specific direction.
  • Transonic Blade — Longer sword always wielded in pairs.
  • Transonic Razor — Shorter sword wielded alongside a chordclaw.


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