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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Imperial Guard General; for the Space Marine, see Travis (Space Marine).

Travis was a General who served in Warmaster Ryse's Imperial Crusade.

Ryse did not think much of Travis' abilities though and gave the General the safe job of protecting the Imperial held Gort System. The Cult forces of the Anckorite Brotherhood however, later instigated a rebellion on the Gort world of Besana, which Travis was unable to put down. He hid this information from Ryse though, until the growing Cult rebellion came to the Inquisition's attention and they sent reports to the Warmaster. From them, Ryse learned that his forces were at risk of losing Besana to the Anckorite Brotherhood, which could then spread to the rest of the Gort System. Losing the System would have dire consequences for the Warmaster's Crusade, so Ryse ordered General Ursarkar E. Creed to win back the Gort System at all costs. He also however, authorized Creed to place Travis in the custody of the Commissariat, for his failure to safeguard the System. While Creed went on to succeed in destroying the Anckorite Brotherhood's forces, it is not known what became of General Travis.[1]