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Tray'ayr Cyberia

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Tray'ayr Cyberia was a powerful Necromunda gang leader, who sought to overthrow the Imperium's rule of the Hive World in late M33.[1a]

At that time, Necromunda was wracked by instability as its rebellious population prevented the Hive World from providing its tithe of resources to the the Imperium[1b]. Cyberia was the only powerful gang leader at that time and sought to free the Hive World from the Imperium's rule and bring back the age of Necromunda's true rulers, the Iron Lords. However his rebellion was ended, when Cyberia was killed by Martek Helm'ayr[1a] who was waging a war to bring order to Necromunda[1b]. Martek would succeed in his quest in and was rewarded by the Imperium, by being made the Hive World's Planetary Governor[1c]. Despite Cyberia's death, though, the gang leader's name would return to haunt Martek's decedents[1d], in the next two millennia.[1e]

The first instance was in the Great Road War in 344.M34, when a horde of Ash Waste nomads, Mutants and Scavvies gathered under the command of a powerful wasteland warlord, who used them to attack the trade routes between Necromunda's Hives. No one knew who the warlord was, but rumours abounded that he was a descendant of Cyberia, or perhaps even Cyberia himself, kept alive by Dark Age technology. While his hordes were finally broken by the ruling House Helm'ayr's forces in 490.M34, there was no sign of what became of the warlord or who he truly was[1d]. The ghost of Cyberia would strike at Martek's decedents a final time, when a mechanical creature known as the Cybernak surfaced in the depths of Hive Rothgol in 932.M35. Appearing to be a withered gang member, wearing a clicking spider-like helm, the Cybernak raised a rebel army within the Hive, while constantly whispering of an ancient war and kings of iron. Its rebellion, though, was put down by Rothgol's Noble and Clan Houses, who capture the Cybernak and presented it as a gift to the current Lord Helmawr. When the Planetary Governor met the mechanical creature, however, the Cybernak appeared to see Lord Helmawr as its ancient adversary, Martek Helm'ayr.[1e]


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