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The Tregrom was a Rogue Trader (designated "rogue cruiser - 300522420") ship from the Forge World Gantz. Tregrom was owned by rogue trader house Tregor and hauled at least slaves and Groxes, as well as registered as a tech scavanger ship. It was crewed by 500 people.[1a]


The Tregrom's crew set out to find the Olethros space hulk and found an Ark Mechanicus ship, the Red Ark, buried within the hulk. The crew started scavanging armor, weapons, and relics from the ships across the space hulk. They discovered an unknown artefact within the Red Ark and began to deconstruct it to bring it onboard piece by piece. They also discovered the skeletal remains of a massive Tyranid. While bringing this skeleton onboard, the ship was attacked by the massive Tyranid horde nesting in the space hulk and quickly overcame the ship's defenders. The ship was eventually integrated into the space hulk Olethros, still tethered to the Red Ark.[1a]

The ship was rediscovered by a Dark Angels terminator squad while trying to secure the wreckage of another ship within Olethros: Caliban's Will. They stopped genestealer cultists from using the Tregrom's still unused savior pods to escape the space hulk with the Dark Angel's genetic information, via having the ship bombarded by the Dark Angels' ship. The ship was later presumably completely destroyed when the Olethros was destroyed by the Dark Angels.[1b]

Know Crew Members

  • Overseer Metellus Ironheart[1c]

Cargo[Needs Citation]

The Tregrom carried a variety of artefacts before its destruction. The ship's cargo included:

  • A large Tyranid skeleton.
  • Unknown number of human slaves.
  • Wargear from the Cadian 22nd Imperial Guard Regiment
  • Wargear from the Blood Angels Space Marine chapter
  • Statues taken from the Red Ark and Caliban's Will.
  • Several jars of "Wild Snake" alcohol
  • Several jars of "Mjod" Fenrisian Ale
  • Bottles of Old Fol wine (vintage M35)
  • Containers of methylamino cyclohexane
  • Atleast one vial of unknown contents labeled Strictly Forbidden Use by the Inquisition