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Trial by Blood (Anthology)

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Trial by Blood
Trial by Blood cover.jpg
Author Andy Smillie
Publisher Black Library
Released December 2014
Pages 170
Collected in Flesh Tearers
Editions ISBN 9781849709286

Trial by Blood is an Anthology of short stories by Andy Smillie about the Flesh Tearers Space Marine Chapter published in December 2014.

Cover Description[1]

Gabriel Seth is on trial for his life, and for the very existence of his Chapter. The Flesh Tearers, scions of Sanguinius and cousins to the noble Blood Angels, stand accused of deviancy and brutality beyond that which can be tolerated. As Seth recounts his history of defending the Imperium, his judges – the Masters of other Blood Angels Successor Chapters – must decide the fate of the Flesh Tearers.


In addition to the listed stories, the anthology features a framing story in four acts called The Trial of Gabriel Seth.

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