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Triarch Stalker

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Triarch Stalkers[3]

Triarch Stalkers are enormous mechanical spiders utilized by the Necrons.


Though many Necron nobles make use of anti-gravitic vehicles, by tradition agents of the Triarch, the Triarch Praetorians, pilot multi-legged war constructs. Despite being limited to the physical earth, the Stalker is capable of speed and surety that belies its jerking gait. These walkers are capable of covering all kinds of terrain.[2] The Charnovokh Dynasty is said to place high value upon the Triarch Stalkers, for not only do they act as bastions of order and lawfulness but they literally coordinate the efforts of the Necrons around them into conducting more coherent assaults.[3]

Stalkers are most commonly employed as dedicated tank-hunter vehicles, outflanking enemy vehicles then opening fire from the rear with their heat ray or Particle Shredder[4]. For closer ranged engagements, the are equipped with Quantum Shielding and armed with slicing limbs and devastating weaponry.[1] Should the Triarch Stalker’s firepower prove insufficient to the task at hand, it can instruct nearby Necron phalanxes to add their firepower to its own, and even transmit targeting data to ensure these augmentative volleys are as accurate as possible. Such a difference does a Triarch Stalker’s presence make that habitual foes of the Necrons have learnt to prioritize its destruction.[3]


Triarch Stalker with twin-linked Heavy Gauss Cannons miniature.[2]


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