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"We are Three Chapters, drawn from Two Bloodlines, born of One Legion."
- Ritual words spoken before a Triarchy conclave begins

The Triarchy are the Angels Numinous, Charnel Guard, and Red Seraphs, three Blood Angels Successor Chapters that have bound themselves together in ancient oaths.[1]


Originally this conclave was known under a different name and was between the Charnel Guard and the Blood Eagles. The Blood Eagles, however, tore themselves apart in an internal conflict which ended with the Chapter becoming split into the Angels Numinous and Red Seraphs. Despite this, though, the two new Chapters still honour the oaths the Blood Eagles swore to the Charnel Guard. Once every several generations, a single representative from each Chapter meet together on the abandoned Homeworld of the Blood Eagles to share their Chapters' recent history. Before they depart, each representative truthfully shares his Chapter's victories to the gathering, balanced – as the old law demands – by their miseries as well. They are expected to be honest with each other, though all know there are some shames that will never be discussed between them.[1]

In the wake of the Great Rift's creation, all three Chapters suffered greatly as they found themselves trapped within the Imperium Nihilus. In the Triarchy's most recent meeting, each representative shared that their ravaged Chapters were beset on all sides, by hordes of never-ending foes. This led the Charnel Guard's representative, Mordath, to state that it was time for the Triarchy to act and not wait for death to claim them. Instead, he said, they should gather their Chapters together and launch a final attack against the Imperium's enemies that would only end when the last member of the Triarchy had fallen. The other representatives agreed and months later the might of the three Chapters united above the Blood Eagles Homeworld.[1]