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Tristan Dare

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Tristan Dare was the last Grand Master of the Angels of Wrath Chapter[1b]. During the Age of Apostasy Goge Vandire demanded that the Angels of Wrath replace their Chaplains, with Ecclesiarchy missionaries; in order to bring the Chapter under his control. Tristan refused and in doing so brought retribution from the Church upon his Chapter.[1a]

Goge soon ordered a large warfleet to attack the Angels of Wrath's Homeworld and destroy the Chapter. What came next was a complete decimation of the Chapter, as waves of zealots, of the Frateris Templars, attacked in overwhelming numbers. Tristan was killed in the fighting, along with ninety percent of the Chapter, leaving his old friend Captain Cornelius Makallan in command. Makallan soon commanded the remnants of the Chapter to evacuate their Homeworld and flee Goge's wrath[1a]. Though he now commanded what was left of the Chapter, Makallan refused the title of Grand Master, instead taking the title Commander, out of respect for Tristan.[1b]