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Triumph of Juno

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The Triumph of Juno is a Battlefleet Askellon Sword-class frigate, that patrols the rimward fringes of the Askellon Sector's Stygies Cluster Sub-Sector.[1]

The Frigate has seen its fair share of combat with Eldar pirates and Ork raiders, which have earned the Triumph's Naval Armsmen renown throughout Battlefleet Askellon for their skills at repelling boarders. It even carries a small complement of Attack Boats for offensive actions against the foes of the Imperium. Few though speak of the mysterious visitor, who comes aboard the Frigate periodically to recruit men and women to her cause. Most suspect that the stern-faced visitor was herself once part of the Frigate's crew or that the Triumph's Captain has some secretive connection to the visitor's organization[1]