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Triumph of Saint Katherine

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The Triumph of Saint Katherine[1]

The Triumph of Saint Katherine is a procession of Sisters Pronatus, who march beside the remains of Saint Katherine as they are taken into battle.[1]


The procession carries not only the skeleton of Saint Katherine, but is said to call upon the spirits of all six Matriarchs. Though her physical remains of Katherine can be seen through her Power Armour's recesses, only the most pious can look upon her without feeling the flames of judgement searing through their soul. Yet the true proof of the Matriarchs holiness is in the sconce above her head, where her heart remains untouched by the ravages of time, even millennia after her death. Those Sisters in the presence of the Triumph can hear the heart beating and can feel its warmth flowing through them. The bier is flanked by esteemed members of the Orders Pronatus hand-picked by their respective Canoness Superior to join the Triumph. They not only curate the remains of St. Katherine but also take up the role of one of the six Matriarchs. The Sister is said to become the spirit of that saint, embodying their strength and virtues. They carry forth a holy relic with which the Matriarch is associated, further cementing their role.[2]

The Spirit of St. Katherine walks at the front of the procession, wielding the Martyr's Sword in one hand and the Praesidium Protectiva in the other. The Spirit of Saint Dominica holds the Simulacrum of the Ebon Chalice while the Spirit of Saint Silvana bears the Simulacrum of the Argent Shroud. The Spirit of Saint Mina carries the Petals of the Bloody Rose, clearing the minds of nearby Sisters and sending them into a blissful rage. With intoned prayers the Spirit of Saint Arabella swings the Censer of the Sacred Rose. Lastly, the Spirit of Saint Lucia holds aloft the Icon of the Valorous Heart.[2]


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