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Trokus was a Brother Captain of the Iron Snakes Space Marine Chapter. A brilliant but ruthless tactician, he was noted for his command during the defence of Naxos Colony One.[1]

The victim of several Dark Eldar raids that had plagued the entirety of the Reef Stars, Chapter Master Seydon answered the Colony Governor's repeated requests for aid with four squads of Battle Brothers, led by Trokus. Immediately assuming tactical command, the captain deployed the colony's CDF to make the Colony appear weak and poorly defended. Keeping his Battle-brothers concealed throughout the enemy's vicious probing assaults, Trokus waited till the Drukhari had fully committed to the attack before springing his trap, herding the xenos into kill zones and mined structures.[1]

While his tactics had successfully allowed the captain to annihilate Dark Eldar force several thousand strong, it also cost the lives of thousands of colonists and militia and destroyed critical infrastructure, leading to the colony's economic collapse. However the Captain's choices may have been vindicated by the decades of peace that arose following the Eldar forces extermination.[1]