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Trymon Stagler

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Colonel Trymon Stagler was commanding officer of the 933rd Death Korp of Krieg during its deployment to Tarsis Ultra in late M41.


A typical Korpsman, Stagler was grim and fatalistic. During the initial council of war to plan the defense of Tarsis Ultra from Hive Fleet Leviathan, his sole interest was whether the Tyranids could be defeated, no matter the cost to the human defenders.[1a]

According to one of his Guardsmen, Stagler did not think highly of educated men; in his opinion, it was "educated men" who were responsible for the devastation of Krieg in the first place, and that a soldier did not need to know how to read, only to fight and die.[1b]

During one of the most desperate land battles against the incoming swarms, Stagler refused to order his men to retreat, and, after receiving Colonel Octavius Rabelaq's valedictory order, targeted his artillery onto Rabelaq's foundering Capitol Imperialis, destroying it in a massive explosion that wiped out a Bio-Titan and a swarm of lesser creatures.[1c]

When several members of the planet's governing council protested at some of the defensive measures ordered, Fabricator Marshall Sebastien Montante summarily dissolved the council and granted command of the capital city to Stagler.[1d]

Stagler was killed in the final land battle against the Tyranids, and his body was found atop a heap of Tyranid corpses. His men did not mourn for him, feeling that he had died in the Krieg way: on his feet, and fighting.[1e]

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