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Tsagualsa, known to the Night Lords as the Carrion World[5b], is a planet from the Eastern Fringe. After the destruction of Nostramo, Konrad Curze chose this place as his base of operations. From there, they started a massive campaign of genocide against the Imperium that made their previous atrocities pale in comparison.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Tsagualsa TsagArt.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum/Eastern Fringe[6]
Sector: Thramas Sector[6]
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: less than ten million[4a]
Affiliation: Imperium (see Notes)[4a]
Class: Dead World/Colony world[4a]
Tithe Grade: not applicable


Heresy Era

Main article: Thramas Crusade

Even before the Heresy it was a bleak and barren world, lightly populated by quarry-cities. It was brought into the Imperium by the Night Lords during the Great Crusade, who devastated the planet and flayed or enslaved much of the population.[6a] Tsagualsa lies along the Tithe Road, a region of the Thramas Sector which linked them to the Night Lords homeworld of Nostramo. For years Tsagualsa had provided the Night Lords with a tribute of recruits in exchange for protection.[6]

During the Horus Heresy Tsagualsa was where the Dark Angels and Night Lords and their respective Primarchs fought. Both Primarchs were originally accompanied by two honour guard; Corswain and Alajos of the Dark Angels and Sevatar and Sheng of the Night Lords. The meeting between the two primarchs was very conversational until Curze slandered Lion El'Jonson and in return he struck Konrad a "dishonourable blow" and it proceeded into a fight. Konrad was strangling Jonson and would have killed him had Corswain not run his sword through Konrad's spine while Alajos called for reinforcements and was then decapitated by Sevatar.[3]

Eventually reinforcements arrived for both legions and both Primarchs were dragged away from each other by their men while they were too weak to fight back. Thunderhawks then extracted the Dark Angels and both Primarchs survived the engagement and continued to fight the Thramas Crusade across the sector.[3]


After years of drifting through space in a stasis pod, Curze was eventually recovered by the Imperial freighter Sheldroon and escaped. After taking control of the vessel, Curze and a sole surviving crewman set sail for Tsagualsa. Upon its surface, Curze waited for several days before Talos Valcoran and First Claw arrived. On Curze's orders, the Night Lords transformed Tsagualsa into their new base of operations.[5a] Curze was eventually slain in the central fortress of the world by the Callidus Assassin M'Shen.[1]

The Imperium responded by sending the entirety of the Ultramarines Space Marine Legion. Although the Ultramarines had been divided in the Second Founding, all of their descendant chapters answered the call: The Aurora Chapter, Praetors of Orpheus, Novamarines, Genesis Chapter, Silver Eagles and Black Consuls were all present along with the Ultramarines chapter itself (This was far from all of the Second Founding chapters descended from the Ultramarines, but they were the only ones the Night Lords could recognize and name at the time). A vessel with the iconography of the Doom Eagles was also seen in the Imperial fleet. The Night Lords fleet managed to escape but were never a unified force afterwards.[4b]


The palace (and fortress) of the Night Lords on Tsagualsa was a grotesque place, a building made entirely from still-living bodies. A carpet made of faces, all of them screaming, led past to a pool of shadow, where Night Haunter sits on a throne made of human bones.[1]

Tsagualsa was also referred as "the Carrion World."[2a] The carpet made of faces was also known as "the Screaming Gallery." The captains of the Night Lords joined around their master in this place.[2b]


The curent Imperial colony on Tsagualsa (or Darcharna, as the colonists refer to the planet) is unsupported by the wider body of the Imperium, and no Imperial authority appears to make claim to the planet, despite acknowledging the colony's existence. Therefore, while the planet has been noted to be affiliated with the Imperium, due to the presence of a loyal Imperial colony, it does not officially appear to be an Imperial world.[4a]