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Tu'Shan durring the Second War for Armageddon

Tu'Shan is the current Chapter Master of the Salamanders. Tu'Shan is said to be the very embodiment of the Salamanders ideals of compassion, duty, and self-sacrifice.[1] Chapter Master Tu'Shan also holds the title of Regent of Prometheus. He is strong even for a Space Marine, and can be easily recognised by both the considerable number of honour scars he bears across his face and his cloak made from the scale of a 300 year old drake Salamander.[Needs Citation]


Tu'shan was appointed as Regent of Prometheus following the violent death of his predecessor at the hands of Huron Blackheart in 938.M41.[1]

At the time of the Second War for Armageddon, Tu'Shan had been Chapter Master of the Salamanders for only three years. Since his tenure in this role was so young, taking on the massive wave of Orks sent forth by Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka was a daunting task. Tu'Shan nonetheless followed Lord Commander Dante into battle and fought with distinction. More than just commanding the Salamanders, Tu'Shan helped rally the disorganized defenders of the planet. In addition, while commanding the Fire Drakes, Tu'Shan defended one of the last bridges of the River Stygies against a column of 1,000 Ork Speed Freeks, fighting consecutively for three days and four nights. By the end of the campaign, Tu'Shan was so respected that Commander Dante praised him in front of the entire Blood Angels chapter. Since that campaign, Chapter Master Tu'Shan has continued to lead the Salamanders honorably. Later, when the Third War for Armageddon began, Tu'Shan was one of the first to respond, leading six companies, including the Fire Drakes, to the planet.[Needs Citation]

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