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Turbo-laser Destructor

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A twin-linked Turbo-Laser, often mounted on a Warhound Titan

The Turbo-Laser Destructor is a potent laser-based energy weapon typically mounted on Imperial Titans, but employed elsewhere in the Imperium on other super-heavy vehicles.


Typically mounted in groups of two or three to inflict as much damage as possible, the weapon is best employed against other superheavy vehicles due to its long range and concentrated destructive power.[Needs Citation]

Turbo-lasers are known to be very destructive to the surrounding environment, capable of penetrating through the ground down to the bedrock and leaving behind long gouges of fused earth.[1a] In urban environments their scorching emissions have shivered tiles off roofs and shattered windows at their passing, and an entire block-row of buildings can be leveled in one sweep of these weapons.[1d] Against lesser foes turbo-lasers have been known to cause infantry to ignite and evaporate almost instantly.[1a] Even passing just a few meters overhead will sear the meat off the bone of exposed troopers.[5] Turbo-lasers will also punch right through the armour of Battle Tanks, tearing them in two and disintegrating them with a single shot.[1b] Imperial super-heavy tanks will also be destroyed by a single blast, though it may take scant seconds to melt through their frontal armour.[5] However the Void Shields of even a Warhound Scout Titan allow it to survive multiple hits from a turbo-laser.[1c]



A single Turbo-Laser Destructor barrel is sometimes mounted on some patterns of Thunderhawk gunship,[2a] as well as on some "counterfeit" Shadowswords.[7]


Twin-linked Turbo-Lasers are commonly carried by Warhounds in their arm mounts,[2b] they are also sometimes fitted to the carapace hard-points of the larger Reaver[3] and Warlord Battle Titan.[2c]

Laser Blaster (Triple-Barrelled)

A Laser Blaster mounted on a Reaver Titan

The Laser Blaster is essentially three Turbo-Laser barrels mounted together on a single hard-point. Reaver titans commonly mount one or more as an arm weapon,[3] as do certain patterns of Warlord titan[2c], with the Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord commonly mounting a pair in carapace mounts.[6] The Imperator-class Titan can also carry one or more Laser Blasters on its carapace hard-points.[4]


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