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Twilight Fang

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The Twilight Fang is a blade that is a relic of the Harlequins and it is said to have been fashioned from one of the Cosmic Serpent's fangs.[1]

In the Tale of the Serpent's Gift, Cegorach is said to have tricked the Cosmic Serpent into gifting him one of its fangs, in return for the "Light of the Brightest Star". The Eldar God provided the light, yet as that star set its light faded as well and the Cosmic Serpent realized that it had been fooled. Its wrath grew more terrible as the star's light slipped away and it is the same with the Twilight Fang, when wielded by a Troupe Master. As the hour grows ever later and the battle's crescendo draws nigh, the blade flashes ever faster through the air, chased by shuddering, shadowy after-images that solidify suddenly into their own stabbing fangs.[1]

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