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Combi-weapons are guns used by Imperial Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine armies, and are essentially Boltguns incorporating a second weapon which is good for a single shot per battle. Only one of the component weapons may be fired at once.[1] The recoil of this weapon may break of an unaugmented human arm, so any except a Space Marine cannot use it without harm to themselves.[8] There are two ways of designating them, either Combi-(weapon) or Bolter-(weapon).[1]

Bolter-Flamer (Combi-Flamer)

A Bolter with a Flamer strapped to the side, useful for close quarters fighting.

Bolter-Meltagun (Combi-Meltagun)

A Bolter with a Meltagun strapped to the side, useful for tank hunting.

Bolter-Plasma Gun (Combi-Plasma Gun)

A Bolter with a Plasma Gun strapped to the side, useful for a variety of missions.

Bolter-Grenade Launcher (Combi-Grenade Launcher)

A Bolter with a Grenade launcher strapped to the side, useful for fighting large hordes of enemies.

Sister Superior with a Combi-Grenade Launcher

Needler/Bolter Combi Weapon


A Bolter with a Needler used presumably by House Escher of the Necromunda planet.[10]

Bolter-Needle Pistol (Combi-Needle Pistol)

A Bolter with a Needler strapped to the side, useful against high toughness creatures. Used only by the Ordo Malleus.

Condemnor Boltgun (Combi-Stake Crossbow)

A Bolter with a Stake Crossbow strapped to the side, useful against psykers. Used almost only by the Ordo Hereticus.[2]

Inquisitor Greyfax with a Condemnor Boltgun

Twin-linked Bolter (Combi-Bolter)

Used by the Space Marines since before the Horus Heresy, the Combi-Bolter is a similar weapon to the Imperium's more advanced Storm bolter. While the Storm Bolter is a single weapon, the Combi-Bolter is essentially two Bolters strapped together. They are commonly used on Chaos Space Marine Bike Squadrons but are no longer produced in the Imperium in favour of the Storm Bolter.

Grav-gun and Bolter (Combi-Grav gun)

Used by Space Marine Captains, it consists of a Grav-gun with a Bolter attachment.[7]

Plasma gun and Bolter

Used by the Space Marines, it consists of a Plasma Gun with Boltgun attachment.

Disintegration Combi-gun

Extremely rare weapons used by some Space Marines. These relics of the Dark Age of Technology combine a Bolter with a secondary Disintegration Gun.[9]

Space Marine with Disintegration Combi-gun

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