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Erasmus Tycho

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Erasmus Tycho of the Blood Angels[2]

Erasmus Tycho was the Captain of the Blood Angels 3rd Company.[5][6]


Tycho took charge of the 3rd Company when his predecessor was slain during the Second War for Armageddon. He nearly suffered the same fate himself during a clash between his troops and a small Ork warband in the jungles that separated Armageddon Prime and Armageddon Secundus. Early in the combat, which the Blood Angels eventually won, Tycho was the victim of a deadly psychic attack by an Ork Weirdboy and was left for dead.[1][6]

Somehow, Tycho managed to survive, although the after-effects of the terrible mental assault resulted in half of his face being paralyzed into a horrible rictus grin. The Blood Angels' fine aesthetic taste and appreciation of artistic and beautiful things is well known, so for them injuries of this type are almost worse than death. Tycho had a special mask made by the Blood Angels' most revered artificer in order to hide the disfigurement of his features, but maintained an almost obsessive hatred for the Ork race.[1][6]

Despite his disfigurement, Tycho conducted several brilliant campaigns as leader of the 3rd Company, and many regarded him as Dante's likely successor as Chapter Master. Yet he continued to brood on his injury, and could not bear to stay at the fortress-monastery on Baal, with its majestic architecture and beautiful artworks, for any length of time, and Dante reluctantly assigned him to increasingly dangerous battle-missions, with increasing frequency.[6] During the war to stop Hive Fleet Jourmungandr, his reckless tactics led many Sanguinary Priests to question his sanity.[7]

During the Third War for Armageddon, the Chaplains noticed a familiar gleam in Tycho's eye. They knew when they spoke to him that he was seeing visions of the final battles of Sanguinius and was hard-pressed to tell them apart from reality. Chaplain Vermento's report was:

Since his grievous wounding at the battle for Armageddon, Tycho has become increasingly violent of temperament and attitude. It is my strongest recommendation to assign Brother-Captain Tycho to active battle duty permanently.[3]

Tycho was inducted into the Death Company and he asked to lead the assault on the Ork-held defences of Hive Tempestora. Records show how he fought with the fury and skill of Sanguinius himself, unstoppable amidst the sea of Orks, enduring wounds that would kill a normal man outright.[6]

The memorial for Captain Tycho[9]

The wounds took their toll upon Tycho but his spirit remained strong and loyal unto his death. In his final moment Tycho was heard across battlefield shouting "For the Deus Sanguinius!".[2] Tycho fell in battle with the Orc Warlord when he ripped his throat out with his Dead Man's Hand gauntlet.[8] Tycho's sacrifice enabled the Blood Angels to take the position the Orks had defended so fiercely.[2]


The Blood Angel's warship, the Tycho was named after Captain Tycho. A portrait of the deceased hero lies over the entrance of the ship's chapel.[4] His story serves as a grim reminder to the whole chapter that even the best and brightest of them are not immune from the Black Rage[6].


Tycho wore Artificer armor incorporating an Iron Halo and carried Blood Song (a special Combi-meltagun), along with Frag and Krak Grenades. He was also equipped with digital weapons which made his close combat attacks especially devastating.[6]

The gauntlet he once wore is now a Blood Angels relic known as the Dead Man's Hand.[8]


Background Information

Tycho appeared in the first battle report for the Second Edition of Warhammer 40,000 in which the Blood Angels player named his general "Tycho". Tycho was armed with his now characteristic weapons of a Bolter-Meltagun and the digi-lasers in the gauntlet on his left hand. During the course of the battle Tycho succumbed to a psychic blast from an Ork Weirdboy, and in game terms "killed". This was later incorporated into the character's background, having him surviving the attack, but grievously wounded.[Needs Citation]

Though his character history listed him as deceased, Tycho was still a playable character as of the 5th Edition, which featured two character profiles for him, one for before his induction into the Death Company, and one for after.[6]


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