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Tyleria Fylamon

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Tyleria Fylamon was the highest ranking Astra Militarum officer in the Gilead System when the Great Rift was created, causing the System to be cut off by several Warp Storms. After finding themselves trapped within Gilead, Fylamon declared herself Lord Militant of the entire System and began taking military governance of its resources to secure it from any threats. However, this changed sometime later, when the Rogue Trader Jakel Varonius' fleet established a passable route through the Warp Storms surrounding the Gilead System. The Rogue Trader's arrival changed the power dynamic within the System, as Jakel used his charisma, Warrant of Trade and the backing of the Navigator House Omincara to convince many of Gilead's Imperial officials to make his dynasty the guardian of their System. Fylamon did not take this slight easily and though she retains her title and continues to try and improve the safety of the Gilead System, her power has been diminished. It does not help that Fylamon has a tyrannical aggressive personality that often leads to clashes with Jakel and often her zealous schemes to secure the System have required many of Gilead's influential leaders to choose between her and the more genial Rogue Trader.[1]