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Typhon Primaris

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Planet in Subsector Aurelia. For other uses of Typhon, see Typhon (disambiguation).

Typhon Primaris is a Dead World located in Subsector Aurelia, and was once one of the recruiting planets for the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter.

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Typhon Primaris (AuSs-011) Typhon.png
Segmentum: Ultima
Sector: Korianis[1]
Subsector: Subsector Aurelia
System: Typhon System[1]
Population: 300,000
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Dead World, former Feral World, Jungle World[2]
Tithe Grade: Solutio Tertius


The planet is a dangerous place, with barely 30,000 humans scattered across the world, living in scientific stations, resource extraction sites and military bases. Imperial attention was returned to the planet in recent years as the Blood Ravens Space Marines began recruiting from Typhon Primaris.[Needs Citation]

The planet was subjected to Exterminatus by the Ordo Malleus as a result of the xeno and daemonic incursions in the subsector.[2]


The Exterminatus of Typhon using Cyclonic Torpedoes

Several centuries before the First Aurelian Crusade, the native Orks of Typhon Primaris had wiped out the last of the colonists from the Dark Age of Technology. Warlord Grakka da Skurj of the Evil Sunz clan is the leader of the Orks on the planet.[Needs Citation]

Unbeknown to most, Typhon Primaris was also the crash-site of a Craftworld fatally damaged by the Fall of the Eldar eons ago, and it still remained hidden within the planet's depths. Despite the attempts by Eldar from Craftworld Alaitoc to save the craftworld, its Infinity Circuit and soul stones were destroyed by the Imperium's exterminatus.[2]

In recent years, a number of Techpriests have come to Typhon to study the various pieces of Dark Age technology uncovered there. The Tyranids also seem intent on infesting the low-land swamps of the world.[Needs Citation]

Additional Info

Typhon Primaris' Aestimare is N121. Its technology level is said to be in the Bronze Age.[Needs Citation]

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