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Tyrama Secundus Campaign

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In 964.M41 a previously unknown Xeno species rose from the dark oceans of Tyrama Secundus and began enslaving the Human population, dragging millions to a water demise. In response to the attack Inquisitor Gruberman of the Ordo Xenos, alongside the Subjugators Chapter and the Deathwatch, led a xenocidal campaign against the ocean dwelling Xenos to reclaim the world for the Imperium. By the end of the campaign, the Xenos were extinct and their oceanic cyclopean fane-cities were destroyed.[1a]

It is known that Valkyries of the 205th Imperial Navy Tactical Wing fought during this conflict. One of the vehicles bore name "Imperious" and number "494684".[2] Also there fought Inquisitor Aethia who managed to induct the entire 2987th Imperial Navy Tactical Assault Wing with their Valkyries to provide transport to her warriors.[1b]