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Tyranid Attack (Board Game)

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Tyranid Attack
Tyranid Attack box.jpg
Designer Jervis Johnson
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 1992
Scale 28mm
Players 2
Game time 45 mins

Tyranid Attack is a board game released in 1993 that was produced by Games Workshop.[1]


Attack the Genestealers and their more frightening cousins, the Tyranids, in their huge living ships. Your job is to take a squad of Space Marines into the bowels of the ship and try to destroy its vital organs. The ship is not defenseless, and you could find Genestealers or the larger and more dangerous Tyranids opposing you. This time, lighter armored but faster marines in addition to the heavily armoured Terminators are going in, but unlike the game Space Hulk, the opponents now have weapons.[1]


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The game board seems to be recycled from Advanced Space Crusade (Board Game), released in 1990.


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