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Tyrant Cruiser

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Tyrant Class Cruiser[1]

The Tyrant Class Cruiser is an Imperial warship design used by the Imperial Navy and Basilikon Astra.[3]


At the end of the 38th Millennium, a new technique was found for extending the range of plasma-based weaponry. The super-fired plasma weapons developed by Adeptus Mechanicus Artisan-Magos Hyus N'dai were built into the Tyrant class cruiser. In the 39th Millennium the Tyrant class was popular, due to its superior range over other cruiser classes. It was theorised that the Tyrant would be able to deliver both long range fire, and short range fire, of the same power. However, it soon was realised that the long range fire was not much of a threat to anything bigger than an escort, and the class fell out of favour.[1]

The Tyrant is as well protected as any Imperial cruiser, with reasonable shield and turret protection, as well as the classic armoured prow. It has no lances, but both long and shorter range weapons batterys. It also boasts enough torpedoes to cripple a cruiser if a full strength volley were to hit.[1]


A Tyrant Cruiser[2]
  • Dimensions: 5 km long, 0.8 km abeam at fins (approx)
  • Mass: 27.2 megatonnes (approx)
  • Crew: 90,000 crew (approx)
  • Acceleration: 2.4 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration

Notable Tyrant Class Vessels


Space Fleet Tyrant Cruiser[5]